Why the WYSL-New York Cosmos Westchester Indoor Cup?

The WYSL-New York Cosmos Westchester Indoor Cup the best way to spend your off season. The New York Cosmos Will be hosting a WYSL indoor soccer tournament. We want to find Westchester best soccer team while having fun. I got the chance to talk with Brian Walsh The New York Cosmos Operations Manager

What makes this tournament different?
First thing that will pop out is the size of the field! Ha! As the Cosmos, we look to make the tournament experience as professional as possible. We make sure to perfect every minute detail so these kids & teams feel like they are special. Making a child smile is the whole point of these tournaments

What has been the biggest highlight of previous tournaments?

Like I mentioned before, making the kids smile. Having the kids taking photos in front of official backdrops and holding up team trophies - it all makes everything worth it!

Explain been some reactions of other teams that have joined the cosmos on the field?

Positive. Coaches came up to us and thanked us but I wanted to turn around and thank them for taking their time and help develop the sport in the area. When you have a community that is so behind the sport, it allows us to grow with the community.

What allows you to host such a great tournament?

We analyze everything! There are small details that you might gloss over because you think, "thats common knowledge, everyone will know that...", but you really have to make sure everything is explained. Our last tournament went very smooth because we were able to get help from everyone around us. There was always open communication which allowed questions and concerns to be taken care of as soon as they came in!

Will there be any players at the tournament?
The players are off right now as this is our off season. On site will be the 2015 NASL Soccer Bowl Championship Trophy and NPSL National Championship Trophy. All teams/players will have an opportunity to take their photo with the trophies in front of official NY Cosmos backdrop.   

Would you let your kids play in the tournament? Why?

I would totally recommend it! it’s a lot of fun and gives each team a unique opportunity to play a number of small sided games in a local state of the art facility. This is an ideal tournament to get your team together over the winter break.

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