Tournaments Update

October 1, 2020



Dear Club Presidents:


Questions continue to arise concerning the participation of WYSL teams in tournaments.  Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to update the guidance we provided our Clubs on August 18, 2020. 


The bottom line is that US Soccer, our sanctioning body, has not changed its position.  WYSL teams can participate in tournaments if allowed by the Opening New York Sports and Recreation Guidelines, New York state law and any applicable local laws. US Soccer will not tell us that participation in tournaments is allowed by applicable law and regulation. Therefore, regardless of what US Soccer or the WYSL decides, whether participation in tournaments is allowed remains a question of law.


Accordingly, the WYSL cannot approve our teams’ participation in any tournaments at this time.   Having said that, our teams remain free to host or participate in tournaments if your Club is comfortable that the hosting of, or participation in, a tournament is not in violation of any applicable laws or regulations.  Please note that this decision rests with your Club, not the WYSL.  Whatever your Club decides, please understand that the WYSL cannot guarantee that you will have any insurance relating to any such tournaments. 


After discussing this issue further with US Soccer, the WYSL is eliminating the requirement that Clubs provide a Waiver, Indemnification and Hold Harmless Agreement in the event your teams host or participate in tournaments.  Any issues that arise out of your teams’ hosting of, or participation in, tournaments shall be matters to be resolved between your Club and US Soccer, without any involvement of the WYSL.   



Thank you