What WYSL Registration Fees Cover

What WYSL Registration Fees Cover

The WYSL provides, and incurs the expenses for, the following services for all travel teams:

1. Registration with the League through the Sports Signup on-line registration system

2. Making and providing player and coach passes

3. Provides Risk Management background checkings

4. Provides Website to offer the Registration and Risk Management systems on-line

5. Provides Coach and Team Manager Orientation Courses

6. Provides Coach Certification Courses

7. Provides League game scheduler services

8. ENYYSA state registration fees including insurance expenses (currently $18 per player)

9. USYSA national registration fees (included in #8 ENYYSA registration fees)

10. Referee Assignor expenses 

11. Referee Mentoring expenses

12. Field Development expenses

13. Office staff to provide above services, and associated expenses

In addition, for teams playing in the WYSL the league pays for:

14. Referee fees (currently $37 to $75 per game, depending upon age)

15. Trophies and Sportsmanship Awards

Teams registered with the WYSL but playing in another league where they pay referees at the field have a reduced registration rate.