Groundbreaking for New Soccer Fields in Yonkers

Groundbreaking for Yonkers projects

YONKERS - More quality playing space will soon be available in the City of Yonkers, thanks to three new major rehabilitation projects that kicked off with a groundbreaking today, Wednesday, at Pelton Field. County Executive Andy Spano was joined by Yonkers Mayor Phil Amicone, county legislators Jose Alvarado and Ken Jenkins and other county and city officials and guests in announcing the projects, which are designed to enhance the city’s recreational offerings.

 “These three parks in Yonkers, all of which are in need of improvement, will become modern, all-weather athletic facilities for people of all ages and varied sports interests,” Spano said. “I thank legislators Alvarado and Jenkins and the rest of the board for helping to get this project off the ground, and I look forward to working with Mayor Amicone and the city as we create and operate these new facilities. Quality outdoor spaces are essential to our local communities and to the county, and I am sure that everyone will be quite pleased with the results.”

Alvarado said, “I remember playing at Pelton and Fleming parks as a teenager. Today, I represent the areas where both these parks exist. Playing space for soccer teams is at a premium countywide. Teams have to compete against each other not only on the field but also off the field for playing times. This project should ease the demand significantly. I look forward to these upgrades so that children and teens can enjoy the use of these greatly improved facilities.”

Jenkins said that the skate park initiative came about because of some very persuasive young people. “The skateboarders presented a petition to City Council with several hundred signatures,” said Jenkins. “Because of their initiative, the County Board felt they had to do all they could to pull the resources together for a skate park."
Mayor Amicone said, “The Yonkers Parks Department works hard to provide great recreational facilities, programs and activities. We are very pleased to be working with Westchester County on these exciting projects that will not only enhance our city, but also benefit all county residents.”

Pelton Field’s existing natural turf baseball/softball field and soccer field will be replaced by artificial turf fields. The artificial turf fields will include a full-size baseball field (90 ft. bases), a Little League field (60 ft. bases), and a multi-purpose rectangular field for soccer, lacrosse and field hockey (180ft. x 300ft.), set in the outfield of both baseball fields.

The other two projects being kicked off at Wednesday’s ceremony are the construction of a skateboarding park at the city’s E.J. Murray Memorial Skating Center and new ballfields at Fleming Field.

A specially created $7.2 million county capital project fund will pay for the three projects. Under an inter-municipal agreement with Westchester County, the city will be responsible for maintenance, operation and scheduling. The facilities will be open to all county residents.

September, 2009