As a league rule, games - once scheduled - do not change in regard to date, field or time. However games can be postponed, delayed, or canceled when the field is pulled by the town or governing body in advance of the game or declared unplayable at game time by the referee.
Club Responsibilty
Each club president is to call the WYSL president, Julian DiDonato: 917-370-2548, on Sunday morning between 8:00 – 9:00AM to notify him of any field pulls for that day in their community. The WYSL president will notify the referee assignor ( to cancel the referee coverage for that field. He will also tabulate the total number of pulls and if it exceeds 50% of scheduled games of the day, the entire slate of games will be canceled, a notice will be posted on the league website, and the games for that day will not be rescheduled.   In addition to informing the WYSL president, the club president may also email the ref assignor directly.
Field pulls
If a field is pulled before close of business on Friday, the club is to inform the league scheduler and league office about the field pull. The club/team may suggest to the scheduler where and when the game might be played. The scheduler will note the field pull on the website and emails will go out to the clubs, teams, and ref assignor. The scheduler may suggest alternatives or suggest that they try to find a field.
If a field is pulled after close of business on Friday, either by the field authority or by the referee, the responsibility for getting the game rescheduled and played shifts to the teams and clubs. If possible, it's best to find an alternate field on the scheduled day and play. But neither the league office nor the league scheduler should be relied on for advice, approval, or email notification, and ref coverage for games rescheduled on game day will be uncertain. Contact the ref assignor and the club referee coordinator for assistance. Follow the procedures in the WYSL Rules if there is no official ref.

The home team/club should attempt to find an alternate field to start the game within half an hour of the original time. If that is possible, the game officially moves. The home team must make sure everyone (both teams, the referee assignor, and the ref if possible) is notified. If that is not 100% certain, post someone at the original field to redirect people to the new field.

If the new time is more than a half hour different or if the replacement field is at the away club, the teams may agree to play or either team may choose to say "no thanks" and the game becomes a TBA (To Be Announced) make-up game. The full protocol for rescheduling is listed in the WYSL Rule book. In general, agree on a new date, time, and field as soon as possible.

In every case, contact the ref assignor about the status of your game to help get ref coverage and to make any scheduled ref aware of changes or cancellation.
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