Field Pull Procedures

 Field Pull Policy:

As a general rule, league games - once scheduled - do not change. Teams may not agree between themselves to change a scheduled game.
A scheduled game can be postponed if the field is pulled by a town or governing body or by the referee at game time, if it is determined that the field cannot be played safely and the home club has an alternate field available.
If a field has been pulled by a town or governing body before close of business on a Friday, please follow these steps:
A club president or field coordinator is to contact Terry Benson (, the league scheduler, and ask to move the game from one club field to another. The game can move so long as the time of the game is the same since this will not affect referee coverage. The scheduler may suggest alternatives, ask teams to confirm that they can play, or make it a TBA game and let the teams try to find a field and time. The league scheduler or the WYSL office will note the field pull on the website and emails will go out to the clubs, teams, and ref assignor.
If a field has been pulled by a town or governing bodyafter close of business on Friday, please follow these steps:
Up to one hour before game time, if a field is pulled the responsibility for getting the game played shifts to the teams and clubs. Do NOT rely on the league office nor the league scheduler.
If an alternate field is available and the start time will be within half an hour of the original time, the game moves. The home team must make sure the opposing team and ref assignor are notified. If notification is not conveyed to the referee assignor, then the home team is to post someone at the original field to redirect to the new field.
If the new time is more than a half-hour difference or if the proposed field is at the away club, either team may choose to say "no thanks" and the game becomes TBA (make up game).
In all cases, keep the ref assignor ( informed about the status of the game.
Referee Coverage:
The High School boys teams they must have an official, assigned ref in order to play. No ref = no game. It becomes TBA. U14 boys games can play with a volunteer ref IF both teams agree.  If they don’t agree, the game becomes TBA. All other divisions can play with a volunteer or parent ref.
In conclusion: field pulls known during the week, work through the league scheduler, league office, home club field coordinator, and ref assignor to adjust the schedule. On late field pulls, do NOT depend on the scheduler, do not wait for "official" emails. The teams, clubs, and field coordinators are responsible for working within these policies. Try to get the games played on the scheduled Sunday!
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