Spring 2010 - Double Goal Coach Awards

July 1, 2010

2010 WYSL Double Goal Coach Awards

Armonk Storm, G9-B, Karl Hogan and Felice Stalker
Asphalt Green Wave G99 Green, G11-3, DJ Rouzeau and Gabrielle Brussel
Asphalt Green Wave G96, G11-3, Lindsay Reilly and Jeff & Caragh Spring
Eastchester Stars, G15-2, Chris Gulotta and John Bent
FC Somers Stingrays, G9-W, Bob Heyde and Ken & Katherine Kurtz
Mamaroneck Heat, G13-4, Eric Eenkema Van Dijk and Daniel & Vikki Alcott
Manhattan Rebels, BHS-3, Sean Peckett and Gary & Rhonda Casson
Mt Vernon Titanium, B13-5, Kevin McNeill and Patrick Murtagh
New Rochelle Hurricanes, B1o-B, Shmuel Vaser and Deborah Blatt
Pleasantville Panthers 99, G11-4. Sean O’Neill and Leonard Balducci Jr
Port Chester Cougars, B12-4, Freddy Lopera and Karina Oblitas
Quetzalitos Piranahs, B9-B, Jose Herera and Bernardino Esposito
Riverdale Pumas, G12-4, Anita Bryant and Anthony Rios
Rivertowns Barcelona, B9-W, Joseph Heinlein and Danny Limitone
Rye Rushing Raptors, B14-4, Peter Esler and Jose Francisco
Scarsdale Rams, B14-2, Ira Newman and Vincent Kwarula
White Plains Stars, GHS-2, Michael Orth and Ken Schlinger
White Plains International Stars, B14-2, Weston Maxwell and Renrick Alexander

WYSL Double Goal Coach Awards- Honorable Mention
Asphalt Green Wave G99 White, G11-6, Matt Pavlich
Eastchester Lightning, G9-B, Joe Sciame and Jeff Favile
FC Somers Wildcats, G12-1, Bob Eberts and Marie Michaud
FC Somers Cyclones, G12-2, Bob Heyde and Donna Rosenblum
JPSC Pride, G14-1, Jim Cancellaro and Lisa Pozniak
Larchmont Dominators, G10-S, Nora Mcmillan and Markus Holtby
Larchmont Gold Pumas, G11-2, Sid Ings and Jane Bernstein
Mamaroneck Tigers, B15-3, Roberto Lira and Cynthia Lopez
Manhattan Emelec, B10-W, Freddy Fuentes and Bob Frankel
New Rochelle Blast, B15-1, Francesco Notaristefano and Len Ioffe
New Rochelle Eagle W Rays, BHS-4, Greg Papadopoulos
Riverdale Lions, G13-2, Katherine Galante and Giorgio Palmisano
Rivertowns Titans, B14-1, Steve Straus and Arthur Magan
Rye United, B12-1, Alan & Alicia Chabot and Matthew Reeves
Rye Socceroos, G9-O, David Jackson and Dominic Lepore
Scarsdale Chargers, B11-1, Mark Silvester and Michael Stern
Scarsdale Gold Wolves, B9-G, Nathaniel Cohn and David Brosgol
Yonkers Devil Dogs, B11-5, John Mahoney and Davey Guilfoyle

Dear Soccer Coaches:

The most prestigious award in the WYSL is the Double Goal Coach Award. This Award is given to
the coaches of teams who win their division and also win the Sportsmanship Award. Honorable Mention Awards are given to coaches whose teams win their division and ranked 2nd in Sportsmanship.

The WYSL would like to congratulate you on your team’s success last season- you were the only 36 teams out of more than 600 that earned these Awards in the Spring 2010 season. The leadership that the coaches and managers have provided was critical to your team’s successes. To recognize your unique achievement, the WYSL will post your names on the WYSL website page “Double-Goal Coach Award – Spring 2010” and present to you the enclosed book Positive Coaching in a Nutshell by Jim Thompson, the founder of The Positive Coaching Alliance.

We applaud your efforts and wish you continuing success in your soccer future.

Rip Fisher
WYSL President

cc: Club Presidents of the above clubs