Hall of Fame - Class of 2006

Albino Guimaraes- In 1957 Albino was one of the founding fathers that helped form the Mamaroneck Soccer Club, which was an adult-only club at that time, and played on one of its team for 28 years.  Albino became its president and then president of the adult league known as the Eastern District Soccer League. He has been the vice-president of ENYSASA for the past 20 years. 

Albino was also involved in the formation of the The Mamaroneck Junior Soccer Club, which was set up to provide soccer opportunities for Mamaroneck youth. The Mamaroneck Junior Soccer Club, under the guidance and tutelage of Mr. Guimaraes, took part in the original formation of the Westchester Youth Soccer League, which took place in the late 1970s.  He holds a USSF D coaching license and has been a high school soccer official as well as a referee assessor for ENYSASA. He is a member of the Eastern New York Soccer Hall of Fame.
Elizabeth “Biffy” Halliday – Biffy served as the Larchmont Junior Soccer League’s Registrar from 1979 until 2002 – with a brief respite for a couple of years.   As the mother of five, three of whom played in the LJSL, she felt she could contribute her administrative skills, and added the duties of WYSL registrar from 1980-1982. At that time the Travel League played only in the spring season, so the work load was manageable for a volunteer. She also assigned Referees and received the game scores from the coaches and referees during a portion of that period.   
When WYSL continued to grow, it added a Fall Travel Season, took in more teams and Clubs, to the point where it needed an office and paid personnel. Realizing that the new Soccer League Registrar needed support and assistance, Biffy helped by creating and maintaining the WYSL computer database of players and coaches from 1995 to 2003. Her assistance was critical to helping the WYSL transition from a purely volunteer organization to a more professionally managed organization that now serves over 12,000 kids.
Sue Magnotta - Sue began her soccer career by being called upon to help count money from the White Plain Youth Soccer Association travel league fundraiser in 1985.  This was the humble beginning of a long soccer career which eventually led to her becoming Registrar, Treasurer and then President of the White Plains Club in 1989.
In her spare time, after receiving her coaching license, she coached the girls 1979 team for several years, and was subsequently managed the Girls U-19 team which played in the East Hudson League.  During her tenure as President, Sue re-wrote the bylaws for club, and was involved in the preparation of the Journal and securing Sponsor’s ads to help defray registration costs for players requiring financial assistance.  After a brief retirement, call was called back to again take over as President from 1992 to 1996, even though her children were long gone from the program.  She continued to coach a team at White Plains High School for several years, and served as a Board Member of the WYSL.
Marianne Mileno – Marianne became involved in Pelham Youth Soccer in 1984, but thanks to Al Pastore, the then president of Pelham Travel Soccer, she became more involved. Al was moving out of town, so he appointed Marianne to be his successor.  The next season, Al volunteered her again, this time to take the WYSL volunteer Registrar position from John and Nancy Steger of Scarsdale Youth Soccer.  She stayed in that position for about 7 years - her registrar’s office was her dining room table and her living room was the League’s waiting room.  She often had coaches waiting at her front door on a Saturday night before Sunday’s games, begging for that one last card.  She rarely (if ever) said no...couldn’t do it to the kids.  She took the cards, typewriter (no computers back then)and laminating machine away on summer vacation with her.
Marianne was among those volunteers looking to expand WYSL. She was a formidable and respected presence and could hold her own, and then some, with the best of them. At the games she was often consulted by the referees to settle disputes.  One of her claim to fames is her participation in the promotion and growth of the girls teams in the League. She says she learned and grew plenty during her tour of duty, that It was fun, and that she would do it again, citing, “What a great group of people to work with!”
Al Pastore - Al started as an Administrator in the Pelham Recreational Soccer Program, and began helping the WYSL as league scheduler when Pelham placed travel teams into the WYSL.   Soon after, he was appointed WYSL President.  Little did Al know how his life would change forever, as "I became an obsessed, addicted soccer junkeie for turned out to be the next 26 years of my life."
Al served as WYSL President for 8 years, and was responsible for creating soccer working committees throughout Westchester, establishing a working relationship with the Referee Association and establishing coach education programs.  During his tenure, the WYSL doubled in number of travel teams, and created  the League Select Program.  Al was elected to serve on the ENYYSA Board for 6 years, and was a Vice President.  He was a pioneer in the formation of the Region 1 Premier League, which was the first of its kind in the US.  Al also forned the FC Westchester Club, and was its President for many years.
John Steger - John started as a recreation soccer coach in Scarsdale, and became involved in the forerunner to the WYSL in 1978/79, where he coached both Scarsdale boys and girls travel teams for the Scarsdale Youth Soccer Association.  He was subsequently selected to coach the girls WYSL select team for four years. For several years both he and his wife served as Scarsdale Youth Soccer’s President and Registrar respectively.
John also served on the WYSL board for a number of years and then began his next soccer career as a referee, which he continued to pursue for a decade. Being a natural leader, John was elected the Westchester Soccer Referees Association’s President for five years.   The WYSL and several generations of kids benefited from John’s contributions as a Coach, Referee, Board Member, and Administrator.
Joram Warmund - Joram began his involvement in the New Rochelle Youth Soccer Club when his son started playing travel, and he stayed involved in as a Vice-President of the Travel division long past his son’s high school graduation, coaching many New Rochelle players/teams over the years.
Joram was elected to the Board of the Westchester Youth Soccer League and served as League Vice President. As a member of the Board of Directors, he chaired several committees, including the Rules and  Disciplinary Committees. Never one to fade in the background, he led many a lively discussion, and made numerous invaluable contributions to WYSL.
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