Class of 2007- Hall of Fame

Richard Helfman

Richard began as a recreation coach in New Rochelle, and he subsequently coached a travel team in the WYSL. His travel team regularly won its own age group, and moved up and played against older teams. He was elected a Board Member of the New Rochelle Club, and a delegate to and Board Member of the WYSL. At the WYSL he was responsible for the registration of teams and the scheduling of all games, which was done by hand in the days before computers.
Richard subsequently became the League’s delegate to the Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association. After several years on the ENYYSA Board, he became the Administrator for the Olympic Development Program, where he was responsible for the selection of coaches and players from all the leagues in ENYYSA. 
Bruce Nagler
Bruce was a soccer player in New York City when he was growing up, and was a star when he played for Stuyvesant High School, City College of New York and Blue Star in the Cosmopolitan League. He became involved with the WYSL when he moved to Edgemont in 1978, where he contacted the soccer coach and athletic director at Edgemont High School, Jim San Marcos, and asked how he could help. Jim steered Bruce towards refereeing, and the rest is history.
Since 1978, Bruce Nagler has served as a referee, and as a referee mentor, assessor and instructor. He has served at over 2,000 youth, high school, college and professional games. In 1987 he was selected to serve in Brazil at the first “Pele International Soccer Tournament”. Beginning in 1979 he was asked to help teach the Laws of the Game to new coaches attending the WYSL coaching course, and has taught this course every year from 1979 to the present. It is estimated that more than 4,000 WYSL coaches have attended this course and learned from Bruce over the past 28 years.
Carmine Pisacreta
Carmine was the founder of the Eastchester Youth Soccer Association and was an officer of the WYSL in its formative years. In 1976 Carmine had the vision to bring soccer to the Town of Eastchester, and due to his untiring efforts and leadership the EYSA began playing youth soccer in 1977. The following spring, Carmine entered six teams of older players in the WYSL, and he became a Vice President of the WYSL and served on the Board during its early years.   
Since then, Carmine has spent over 30 years guiding the EYSA, as both its President and later as a Lifetime Member of its Board. He has been its chief fundraiser and has served as the chair of the Nominating Committee, ensuring that the club has had the financial and human resources to meet the growing needs of youth soccer in Eastchester. In the early 1980s, Carmine helped build FC Westchester, and in 1986 he was the host and chaperone of an FC Westchester trip to his native Italy, serving as a leader and interpreter. This was the first time a youth team from the Westchester area beat European teams in competition, by registering victories over teams from Italy and England. 
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