*IMPORTANT* Final Seedings

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August 8, 2019

Dear WYSL Club Presidents and Officials:

The Final (Revised) Seedings for the Fall 2019 season are now complete and the scheduling process has

Thank you for the thoughtful requests to amend the preliminary seedings.  We carefully considered every
request we received and were able to accommodate a majority of them.  We could not make a number of
changes for various reasons. 

Please understand that we strive to match each team with the appropriate competition in each division. 
When doing this, it sometimes appears that individual teams have been placed in divisions higher or
lower than requested, but in reality, the division label is misleading, which causes concern from member
club teams. For example, if we combined previous divisions three and four into a one ten-team division,
then the previous division five would naturally become division four. The changing of the label from
division five to division four does not change the relative strength of that division.  Another example would
be when we receive too few numbers of teams who requested to be seeded in a given division, say,
division two.  If we receive eight requests for division one, one request for division two, and nine requests
for division three, then we have to move some teams into division two from both division one and division
three in order to create three divisions with the appropriate number of teams (six each is ideal). 
Situations like those above often create the illusion that teams were placed in divisions either too strong
or too weak for them, but in reality are well suited to the competition. 

Check your teams to determine how they were affected by the changes.
Preliminary scheduling will now take place and you will receive a copy to review.  We expect the
preliminary schedule to be released in two weeks.
Good luck and have fun this Fall!

WYSL Seedings Committee:
Richard Corvino, Chair - rcorvino@nyc.rr.com

League Officials:
Lee D'Argenio, Registrar – ldargenio@wyslsoccer.org
Terry Benson, Scheduler – terrybenson@nyc.rr.com

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